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I’m a pro makeup artist & marketing maven who wants to help you:

• Build your beauty business
• Transform the lives of your clients 
• Have the career your family & friends said        wasn’t possible
• Look damn good doing it

I’m a pro makeup artist & marketing maven who wants to help you:

• Build your beauty                business
• Transform the lives of        your clients 
• Have the career your          family & friends said            wasn’t possible
• Look damn good                doing it

I'm Sonia Roselli.

hey there,

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Whether your goal is to own a beauty empire or have a kick ass side hustle, if you don’t have business savvy, your passion can become a really expensive hobby.

Makeup artistry is a really expensive hobby.

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glossible gives you everything you need to build a successful beauty business.

Let’s cut to the chase…
There are millions of people out there that the beauty industry is ignoring. Most of them just want to look like better versions of themselves.
Your goal is to find them. And we can help you get there - let’s get to work!

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Stand apart from the overcrowded & overdone Instagram crowd.

Andie Cumber

"glossischool helped me get unstuck in my business. It literally helped me fall in love with my biz again."

Chelsea Caddick, Chelsea Rose Beauty

"Sonia's course on Finding Your Ideal Client was monumental in my business."

Jennifer Pitt

"Finding Your Ideal Client was such a great investment.  The wealth of information still blows my mind today."

Rachel Jordan, Rachel Jordan Beauty

"This class took all the pieces I’d been struggling to put together, and gave me a step-by-step process I could get ahold of."

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