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I'm Sonia Roselli.

hey there, britches!

It was then that I knew the power of makeup.

I began asking her questions about her goals and how she wanted to look as I worked my magic. When I was done, Eileen looked in the mirror and she was quiet. Quiet is not the reaction I wanted. I sat there shaking as I rocked my best Breakfast Club-lookalike outfit. “Does she hate it?” I wanted to cry.

“Sonia! I never knew makeup could be so beautiful!” She bought everything I put on her. Not because of how I made her look, but how I made her feel. 

When I was bored, I would experiment with products and colors and create my own mixtures and concoctions. One day, a newly-divorced woman of a certain age named Eileen came to sit in my chair. She was at a low point in her life and feeling down.

I was 16 when I got my first job at the Estee Lauder makeup counter.

To me, makeup was always something that was unattainable, mysterious, and quite frankly, something someone else did, but never in a million years did I think it could be me.

When I was growing up, I never knew someone could earn a living as a makeup artist.

And everyone can look and feel their best while being their best artist.

Makeup isn’t superficial.
It has the power to help us feel good about ourselves.

I'd love to teach you what I've learned.
 I've got street cred!

I started my own successful beauty business from the ground up. I had no investors, no family money, and no help from anyone else. 

From my humble beginnings at the makeup counter at the mall, to learning the beauty biz at Aveda, working Fashion Week in Milan, print work and advertising campaigns back in the States, and becoming a successful makeup artist in Chicago, I have been in the beauty business for over thirty years. In fact, when I started my own business, I was blazing my own trail as an on-site makeup artist for brides - a career that didn’t even exist yet!

I now have my own line of skin care products as well as a series of online courses with a framework designed to help YOU become the best in the beauty biz.

Today I have partnered with chemists in Japan, Korea, and the United States to create five luxury beauty products that help you apply your makeup with confidence. Skin prep is the first step to getting an amazing complexion for any occasion. You will never see anything “Made in China” from Sonia Roselli Beauty!


I closed my brick and mortar studio and wedding business in Chicago so I could focus full-time on growing my skin care line and creating online courses geared toward helping badass women look their best and run their own successful businesses.


I decided to go it alone! I knew that everyday women wanted shit that worked and that helped them gain the confidence to look like the best version of themselves.
I used my esthetic background and years of product development experience and created my first product: sexApeel™ Instant Exfoliation Spray. 


I began consulting on product development for manufacturers and big brands, but quickly realized that they often created their products without the consumer’s best interest in mind. After advising one company against putting out a product that was, quite frankly, garbage in both texture and color, they produced it and committed advertising dollars to it as well.

I sat there speechless. Everything was a damn lie. And that was the end of consulting for me.


My business grew overnight! In addition to my on-location makeup services, I opened a brick and mortar studio in 2008. I taught makeup classes and serviced my brides for wedding trials and photo shoots. I got my esthetician’s license and hired a team of over 25 hair and makeup artists to pick up my overflow. I consistently ran a six-figure wedding and service-based business.

The Mid 2000s

While working on a national commercial, an art director asked me to do her wedding makeup at her hotel. It was a winter wedding, and she didn’t want to travel to the salon to get her hair and makeup done. No such service existed at that time, and on the drive home, I knew this was a service women wanted -- and needed. On that day, my business as Chicago’s very first on-location wedding makeup artist was born!

The 2000s

I left the security of my job with Aveda behind to follow my passion and made the leap into freelance makeup artistry! I was lucky to work one season of Fashion Week in Milan, and went on to shoot with the top agencies around the globe. I then headed back to the States to work in the print advertising hub of Chicago.

The Late 1990s

After going to college for Journalism and Communications, I got my first real job in beauty with an Aveda distributor in 1992. This showed me that a career in the beauty industry was a real possibility. While at Aveda, I studied with industry luminaries including Sonia Kashuk, Fatima Olive, and Frederic Fekkai.

the Early 1990s

In high school, I began working at the Estee Lauder makeup counter. I would use my down time to mix and create my own concoctions and colors. Here I learned that clients respond to how I can make them feel about themselves, and that makeup isn’t superficial or frivolous, but rather a powerful tool for a woman’s self esteem at any stage of her life. Even if the makeup was bad back then!

The 1980s

Ok Sonia, but how did you really get here?

Let me guide you in building the business you want - and the life you deserve!

I have a lot more to do!

I’m ready to help you be your best artist with the expertise of my 30 years in the beauty business.

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