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As we start to see many pros go back to work, especially in the wedding industry, there’s one thing I’ve been seeing that’s really frightening and disturbing. What is that, you ask? Clients who refuse to wear masks while in the room. WTAF? I’ve been hearing story after story about how bridesmaids and brides are […]

Should You Fire Your Client?

How NOT to Run Your Beauty Biz I need your attention! This post needs to be read. Why? Long story short…a makeup artist recently posted on the Glossible Facebook group wall, and let’s just say her question didn’t sit well with our members, including our guest blogger.  The artist posted that she was recently asked […]

“I Can’t Accommodate Her Due to the Color of Her Skin.” UM, WHAT?

It’s Shocking That Makeup Artists Are Ignoring This Advice! Not to get all, ya know, but never in my life did I think that a piece of cloth the size of your hand would turn into a political symbol. Or the cause of such division among Americans. Or the rallying cry for one group of […]

Wear a Mask, Makeup Artists!

By a Guest Blogger Toner. The mere mention of it used to make me roll my eyes way back into my head. A lot of years ago when I was a practicing esthetician, some innocent client would inquire as to which toner she should use as part of her skin care regimen. Even though I […]

Our No-Bullshit Thoughts About Toners for Ageless Beauty

As beauty professionals it’s important to get to know new products, discover new brands, and be able to offer the most comprehensive advice to our clients. We’ve compiled a list of Black-Owned Beauty Businesses. Some you may know well and some may be new to you. As pros, we know there is power in supporting […]

Black-Owned Beauty Businesses You Can Support Right Now

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Hello my ageless beauties! Today we’re going to be talking about how to apply blush for over 50 faces. To learn how to apply blush for over 50, watch the video below! Transcript of How to Apply Blush for Over 50 Hello, my darling Kittens! Today I want to show you how I apply blush. […]

How to Apply Blush for Over 50

Apply Blush for Over 50 Graphic

Are You Ready to Disconnect A Little? Since we’re in the middle (or hopefully closer to the end) of a crazy pandemic, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on life and technology a little bit. Every year I have a “theme” or “motto” of how I want to live my life […]

Disconnect From Tech!

You guys know I want you to help you be your best artist, but first I want to tell you something really personal. Right now, when the coronavirus is impacting so many small businesses, I feel like I need to share this. I hope you won’t think less of me after this, but it must […]

Story Time: I’m Not Perfect.

Getting ready for the BIG DAY? Hopefully that day is someday soon, whenever the ‘Rona packs up and leaves, never to return. And when that day comes, you want to be prepared for your wedding, right? Well, when it comes to makeup, your BFF Sonia and my Glossilists have you covered! Today we’re going to […]

Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Brides

A Guest Blog OK, OK. I’ll admit it. When I was young…er, I used to wash my face with any old thing I had laying around. Cetaphil? Great. Noxzema? Fine. Ivory bar soap? Whatever. I mean, what was the point of worrying too much about what you’re cleansing your face with if you’re just going […]

Are Cleansers Really That Important?

Hello my ageless beauties! Today we’re going to be talking about how to apply blush for over 40 faces. I’m going to be using my Senna palette. You can read all about Senna in our Small Beauty Spotlight. To learn how to apply blush for over 40, watch the video below! Transcript of How to […]

How to Apply Blush for Over 40

How to Apply Blush for Over 40 Graphic

I’m just gonna come right out and say it…the beauty retail industry as we knew it only a few months ago is dead. Gone. Dust in the wind. “But, Sonia…isn’t that a little drastic?” No, it’s not. It’s reality. It’s life during and post-Covid-19, and we better get used to it.  What’s Changing in Beauty […]

What Beauty Shopping Looks Like Post-COVID

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