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Why Makeup Artists Need A Wedding Makeup Contract – By Sonia Roselli Why Do You Need a Wedding Makeup Contract? If this coronavirus pandemic isn’t enough to slap you in the face, I don’t know what will. Raise your hand if lots of your clients are brides. Now, raise your hand if you’ve had brides […]

Why Makeup Artists Need A Wedding Makeup Contract

Wedding Makeup Contract

Bridal Makeup Kit Checklist brought to you by Sonia Roselli So, you’re thinking to start your bridal makeup business. Great! Welcome to the club! Bridal makeup is a highly rewarding job, for sure. So how do you get started? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Bridal Makeup Kit Checklist you could download to […]

Bridal Makeup Kit Checklist

bridal makeup kit checklist

Coronavirus & Makeup Artistry. Quick sanitation tips for makeup artists and what you need to know. As a makeup artist, hairstylist, or beauty professional, clients assume they will not be exposed to infectious disease when using your beauty services. However, not being sanitary in your makeup business can make them sick or even result in […]

Coronavirus and Makeup Artistry: What You Need to Know

Start a Bridal Makeup Team Start A Bridal Makeup Team and make more money in your biz. That’s the goal, right? Maybe you’ve been doing makeup a while and all you see is the money you’re flying out your door. So, now, you’re asking yourself “Am I ready to start a bridal makeup team?” You […]

Ready To Start A Bridal Makeup Team?

Start a Bridal Makeup Team

Let me tell you why we don’t make travel size beauty products. “Sonia, why doesn’t Sonia Roselli Beauty do travel sizes or give out samples?” Every day I’m answering an email or Facebook post about this. So let me take you behind the scenes of my indie beauty line. Full Disclosure: I’m on my own […]

Why We Don’t Make Travel Size Beauty Products

Frustrated and curious on how to deal with undercutting as a makeup artist? We got some advice to keep you sane…

Undercutting As A Makeup Artist

Can I pick your brain? “I’m a new makeup artist, can I pick your brain?” Most of the time, you don’t know these folks from Adam’s house cat. Many times, we break out in a cold sweat and even hives when we’re asked the question, “Can I pick your brain?” These are the most irritating, […]

Can I pick your brain? How to say no with class.

Can I pick your brain? how to say no to people who suck your soul dry

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