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Are You Ready to Disconnect A Little? Since we’re in the middle (or hopefully closer to the end) of a crazy pandemic, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on life and technology a little bit. Every year I have a “theme” or “motto” of how I want to live my life […]

Disconnect From Tech!

You guys know I want you to help you be your best artist, but first I want to tell you something really personal. Right now, when the coronavirus is impacting so many small businesses, I feel like I need to share this. I hope you won’t think less of me after this, but it must […]

Story Time: I’m Not Perfect.

I’m just gonna come right out and say it…the beauty retail industry as we knew it only a few months ago is dead. Gone. Dust in the wind. “But, Sonia…isn’t that a little drastic?” No, it’s not. It’s reality. It’s life during and post-Covid-19, and we better get used to it.  What’s Changing in Beauty […]

What Beauty Shopping Looks Like Post-COVID

The ‘Rona has meant a lot of days at home for many of us, and I know I’m losing it. There are some days I feel like a total zombie. Like my mind is mush and my passion is in the damn toilet. While I know it’s still there, the reality is, there are times […]

Feeling Like You’ve Lost Your Passion?

Raise your hand if lots of your clients are brides. Now, raise your hand if you’ve had brides cancel on you only weeks before the wedding. I thought that might be the case. Sometimes cancellations are unavoidable…after all, legitimate emergencies do come up.  But, regardless of the explanation, that cancellation means you just lost a […]

Why You Need A Wedding Contract

Time to Make Better Videos by Davisha Dadone Making videos for your clients has never been more appropriate than now. You’re inside, enjoying sparkling isolation, and have an actual captive audience. Learn a few pro secrets for being on camera, and it’ll be easy! These days, being seen as the authority takes some investment. It’s […]

How to Look Good Making Videos For Your Clients

Some states want to re-open non-essential businesses like salons and beauty services. This is a bad idea! Watch the video below to learn more, then download the Stay Closed Template to send a letter to your governor! DOWNLOAD THE EMAIL TEMPLATE Write to your Governors and demand to stay closed until we have further testing, […]

Why Salons Should Stay Closed

Salons should stay closed

Lighting for Makeup Videos has never been easier! I use this same light on a stand for my zoom videos. Watch the video, and drop a comment to let me know if you’re doing Live videos, Zoom makeup lessons, or any other videos right now! Transcript All right, so I’ve gotten a few emails asking, […]

Best Lighting for Makeup Videos

Customer Service Is More Than Words by Davisha Dadone Da ‘Rona got you down? You’re stuck inside with no clients and looking for ways to spend your time (something more productive than different ways to rearrange the plants)? Wondering what kind of business you’ll be coming back to when the doors open and the sun […]

Customer Service Is More Than Words

Let’s talk wedding tipping, shall we? It’s a topic that comes up quite a bit, especially during busy season. More specifically…lack of tipping. Tell me if any of these sound familiar to you.  “I just don’t think anyone is getting tipped for makeup services anymore.” Or “I only get tipped if my bride’s planner specifically […]

Makeup Artist Wedding Tipping Tips

Can I tell you all a story? If you didn’t know, last summer I was building a home. You may be asking, “Sonia, what does this have to do with me?” Hear me out… I saved for 10 years to finally buy a forever home for me and my handsome hubby to grow old in. […]

How to Make Sure You’re Easy to do Business With

Today we’re going to tackle something that gets talked about in our Facebook Groups nearly every day, and it’s a word that makes every artist’s stomach churn: undercutting. How many times have we heard these stories, right? Undercutting is NEVER a Good Strategy Here’s the scene: Some newbie (or desperate) artists think undercutting is a […]

Why Undercutting is Always a Bad Strategy

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