Do you have brides who can’t meet your minimum, or who would rather do their own makeup due to destination weddings or Covid-19?

What about potential clients who travel for business, or are on camera daily and can’t afford to have someone in their house every day? Don't lose their business — help them with DIY Bride or Photo Ready Makeup Lessons!

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An easy to use spray that exfoliates the top layer of your skin from head to toe, instantly, right in front of your eyes.  For real, grab your friends and do a show and tell at your next party. You'll be the star of the show!


DIY Bride & Photo Ready Step-By-Step Lesson Plan


 Step-By-Step Lesson Plan

DIY Bride & Photo Ready


Your clients will love getting a personalized lesson tailored just for them - showing them what colors work best, techniques to use that are most flattering for their skin texture and type, eye shape and color, hair color, and more. This lesson is specifically geared to help them be their own best artist!

After taking this class with you, they will be confident to do their own makeup for their wedding, special occasion, big meetings, interviews - anything and everything!

What’s In It for Your Clients?

1. Download the Lesson Plan

2. Complete the Lesson Plan

3. Let your clients know you’re offering the class

4. Start earning money!

How to use this lesson plan:

Do you want to generate income from home during the down season, or during the week when you have no in-person appointments? Consider offering your clients the DIY Bride or Photo Ready Lesson.

Sonia gives you the tools you can use to hold this class with the DIY Bride or Photo Ready Step-By-Step Lesson Plan!

How this helps your biz:

Why You Need This Lesson Plan

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If you’re not offering classes to your loyal clients during the down season, you’re leaving money on the table! Your clients want to learn how to do their own makeup and you are the person to teach them!

The Down Season

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