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Save room in your kit with DROP LASHES!

The perfect individual eyelash solution for pros!

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Lightweight synthetic individual lashes that are "dropped" into a box.  Never worry about "splaying" lashes peeling them off a tray.  Soft, lightweight and airy to give a more realistic look for brides.


Sizes: Short, Medium, Long

Drop Lashes

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Note: Drop Lashes are lighter in "weight" than traditional individual lashes. This creates a more realistic, natural look.

Choose your lengths

Save space in your makeup kit!

Each box of Drop Lashes is color coded by length so you can work quickly and not have to worry about wasting individual lashes when they splay in the trays.

Drop Lashes travel nicely and photograph beautifully. Help your clients look glam when strip lashes are too much.

Works with any lash glue.

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Drop Lashes - The Story

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