Feet First: Beauty Pros and Healthy Feet

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As makeup artists we stand all day, concerned about healthy feet? Want to know which shoes to choose? Or asking, why are my shoes wearing down on one side??

Listen to my chat with Dr. Anne Sharkey, badass podiatrist and former mid-westerner living in Austin, whom I met after a disastrous pedicure. Watch and listen to our conversation all about how healthy feet can affect so much of our lives. The doctor is IN!

First, we discussed everything about pedicures and how to be sure that you keep your feet safe and healthy when visiting the salon. There are certain types of pedicures that are safer than others, and she will tell you what to look for your best foot health. Plus Dr. Sharkey offers us some other things we should be thinking about. For example, did you know that you can get fungus from a bottle of nail polish?! Eww! 

Us beauty pros are on our feet all day – we need to know the best tricks and tips to prevent placing additional stress on our joints. In addition to causing foot problems, the wrong shoes can cause lower back problems and even hip issues if we aren’t careful! She also offers some great stretching tips to keep our feet in tip top shape!

Choose your Shoes for Healthy Feet

Also, Dr. Sharkey talked about things to think about when buying a pair of shoes so you can be comfortable during the day. What makes a shoe “good”? Well, you need to look at the shape of the shoe and match it to the shape of your foot – Dr. Sharkey offers some tips on what to look for, what brands work best, and how to accurately determine what your foot shape really is. Having either a high arch or a flat foot can seriously affect how you choose a shoe, too, and Dr. Sharkey is here to help! 

We also learn all about what kind of a high heel we should be choosing, what time to shop for shoes, and if we want to wear pointy toed shoes, what to look for there. Also, she explains how some flat shoes can even damage our feet! What?! I didn't know the shape of my shoes was important to my foot health. We also get tips on what to look for with a well-made shoe and what kind of shoe is going to fall apart in a few months.

Pronator or Supinator?

Pronator or supinator – which one are you?! Figure it out and learn what kind of shoes work best for you! We also learn about varicose veins – what causes them, complications of them, and great tips on how to prevent them before they even happen. Plus Dr. Sharkey answers some viewer questions including questions about flat feet, tingling and numbness, what to do if you have a bunion, and other great questions!

Dr. Sharkey recommends, and has partnered with, Ally Shoes, and has offered a very generous discount for our viewers. If you would like to check them out, visit this link www.ally.nyc and use this code for $40 off your first purchase: DRSHARKEY40

Be sure to follow Dr. Sharkey on Instagram @drsharkey_dpm or visit her site at www.drannesharkey.com and for those interested in telehealth, Dr. Sharkey’s office phone number is (512) 593-2949.  And if anyone has a question, you can reach out at: Anne.mary.sharkey@gmail.com

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And if you’re skittish about hitting the salon – either because of Covid or just because you don’t want to catch a nasty germ, learn more about how to give your feet a little extra TLC by watching my video on how to fix those falcon feet with Sexapeel!

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Who knew taking care of our tootsies could be so interesting?!

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