Are you losing control over your bridal makeup trials? Maybe the problem isn’t you, maybe it’s your process!

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Makeup Trial Consultation Form


Makeup Trial Consultation Form


Your potential clients will love knowing how thorough and professional you are in how you conduct yourself in your business.

This form will also be the best reference point to help you make more money by booking more clients, and help your clients get the look they want! 

What’s In It for Your Clients?

1. Be sure you read through the form entirely. 

2. Check for errors as files sometimes get mangled after unzipping.

3. Follow the instructions included with the download.

4. Add your business details and any additional questions to the form where needed.

How to Use This Template:

You spent all this time getting that bride in your chair, but you can’t seem to book your brides once you’ve done their makeup. What gives? Chances are, you’re not asking the right questions. Use this to increase your bookings, keep great notes for your clients, and ensure that your clients LOVE what you can do for them.

Our Bridal Consultation form was the very consultation form that allowed us to book our brides 98.5% of the time. When you really listen to what your brides want, you not only waste less time, you book that bride and let her know you’re a trusted resource she wants on her wedding day.

Why You Need This Template:

Why You Need a Makeup Trial Consultation Form

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Don't lose that bride by not listening to what they need. Makeup trials are an art and you'll lose them quickly by not asking the right questions.

This Form keeps you from making critical mistakes in the makeup trial process.

Don't lose the bride you worked so hard to get

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