Why a Marketing Plan is a Makeup Artist’s Best Friend

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Hello Glossibritches! Your mama kitten’s in the house. How the hell are ya? 

So I've gotten a lot of private messages from you asking, “What glossischool is all about?” and “What the hell am I gonna learn in this course?” So I thought I would take you behind the scenes, show you inside of the course, and show you what's waiting for you when you sign up for Glossischool. Are you ready to take a look? Let's go. I'll show you inside. 

All right, let's take a peek inside Glossischool Biz Prep: Finding Your Ideal Client. Now, I know that this class is about finding your ideal client, but in reality, this is a basic marketing 101 course for makeup artists who want to have a luxury bridal business. End of discussion. Because marketing 101, all happens with determining who it is that you're serving and we're going to do that in finding your ideal client, but we're also going to build some processes for your website and social media and your blog to get you moving in the right direction. 

So, the reason that having an ideal client is so important to me is because it is the foundation of your business. That means from setting your rates, to the logo that you use, to the colors on your website, to the portfolio images that you use, to the products in your kit, what you write on your website, and things that you post on social media, it all starts here. Having that particular client that you know is the best fit for your business is the foundation of your business and will help you grow so much faster. 

Now what we're going to learn in this course is we're going to identify and form your ideal client strategy. I see this all the time on the Facebook groups.”Is that your client? That's not my client,” you know, all of these things are out into play. But one of the things that I can tell you is that 90% of people that are on the Facebook group saying that they think they know their client- they don't know. They don't know why they buy from them. They don't know what makes them tick. They may only know their demographics. 

So what we're going to do in this exercise is we're going to teach you how to determine who your ideal client is through a series of exercises that you'll learn in this course. Once we've identified and built your ideal client. We're then going to take that information and we're going to do a marketing 101 process for your business. That means what we're going to put on your website, what we're going to put on social media, what you're going to put in your portfolio images is all going to start here in this course. 

Now here are some of the things that we're going to create together. First of all, we're going to create a 20 page ideal client story that becomes the living document for your business. This document is going to be what you refer to if you want to add additional services, or if you want to go into different markets, or even if you want to build a team, it all starts here. And the reason that this document is helpful, is it does help you write better marketing messages, and that's going to help you grow your business, a lot faster than any other way that you've been doing it before. It also is going to help you when you transition new team members to your team, if team building is something that you want to do in the future. We're going to create this in the ideal client course. 

Now here's a snippet of my ideal client, Alice and this was what I had in my business. Now Alice was terrified of not looking like herself on her wedding day. As she looked through Instagram she hated everything she saw, she thought it was overdone. She wanted to work with the best makeup artists in the city who would play up her features and really wanted her husband weak in the knees when he saw her at the altar. She also said that he was really important to her to make special memories on the morning of her wedding because she wanted her friends and family to have a wonderful time. Now one thing that I want you to notice here. Do you see anything about price here? I didn't think so, because what we're talking about here is what emotional things triggered Alice to  make purchasing decisions, and to hire me as her makeup artist for her wedding day. Remember, it's not about demographics, it's about the psychographics and what makes them tick. 

Now remember, a lot of people talk about the demographics, as their ideal client and the demographics are things like how old they are, how if they're newly engaged, where they live, what their salary is, how she spends her money, all this kind of stuff. But this isn't really, what an ideal client is about it is a small piece of it, but it's not the entire picture, we're going to go over this but we're gonna dive in deeper to really hit her emotional pain points, so that you can figure out how to help her solve those problems and let her be the hero and win the day.

The other thing we're going to create together is a marketing plan and this marketing plan that we're going to create is going to help keep you focused and keep your business decisions tight and right. If it's not on the marketing plan, you're going to decline, doing the projects. And that's going to help keep you from getting rabbit/squirreled than your business. You know when a dog chases tails is like a rabbit over here, oh there's a squirrel over there, and the next thing you know you've made no forward movement. This keeps your head clear and in the game. 

Now here are the modules and lessons waiting for you inside of the course I wanted to bring you in and show you what it is that you were getting when you sign up for the course. In Module One, marketing 101, what you need to know. In Module One the lessons include, you're not for everyone. And this is a mind shift, brain dump of how you need to think about your business moving forward, and how you can't please 100% of the people, 100% of the time, and how to take your strengths and pair them with an ideal client. 

We're also going to talk about why a marketing plan kicks a business plans ass and how you can create a marketing plan. And I'm going to teach you about how there were riches in the niches. When you go into a niche category of a particular bride. How speaking to this one particular category can make you so much more money, when you specialize in a niche. 

In Module Two is the step by step, and this is the planning, organizing, and execution of the course. Now in Module Two, we're going to makeover your marketing. So we're going to take everything you think you know about marketing, and we're going to tailor it for how to have a luxury wedding business. We're also going to teach you how to book more clients, and we're going to teach you how to book more clients step-by-step. We're also going to show you how to make your prices irrelevant. And we're going to show you how to position your beauty business. And this is something that never gets talked about in the Facebook groups is positioning and this part is key. Now the module two lessons, is where people said their brain exploded, they're like “oh my god I had no idea!” This part here is fantastic and the lessons here will really help you change the course of your business. 

Now in Module Three is where the rubber meets the road and these are the client interviews and this is also your planning, organizing and execution of the course, because in Module Three, I'm going to tell you what an ideal client interview is, how to plan for an ideal client interview, and I'm going to give you pages and pages of ideal client questions, and you're going to put all this together. And you're going to do these interviews with particular clients, I'm going to tell you which clients that you need to interview, which ones you don't, and then we're going to put it all together in module four. 

So in module four we're going to start by taking your client interviews and putting your messages into the world. And that means we're going to write all of your marketing messages, compiled from the client interviews that you just did. Then we're going to build your ideal client story. And then we're going to roadmap it for 2020 and beyond so your whole process is going to be here inside of the course. 

But I also have more bonuses for you because I don't want to just give you this course and forget it. So, in bonus number one, you get lifetime access to the Glossible Network Community with your own community as part of the course. But then I'm also going to come in and do four group coaching lessons live on Zoom where we can add, you can interact with me personally. I can answer your questions. I can give you personalized feedback. That way, you can get the kind of support and help that you need to make this class a success. 

Bonus number three, how to increase your bookings by 60% with the best fit phone call strategy. Now this was the one thing that everybody loved in the last course that came through my course in the spring. They said they did this one strategy, they implemented this one strategy right away into their business, and they said that it paid for the course in one booking. So I was really excited to hear that. So I'll give you the questions to ask how to line this process up on your website so that your website is working hard for you. Everything is laid out for you with bonus number three. 

Now, bonus number four obviously is your marketing plan, we're going to create this for you in the course. And if you sign up today. I'm gonna give you a 30% coupon code to use whenever you like between now and November 15 2020 for some skin prep for your kit. I mean, you got to have good skin prep, along with good biz prep. 

Right now I want to give you a testimonial of someone who came through ideal client we have more testimonials on our website but I wanted to give you this really important one because I thought this one was really the most interesting, and this is Katrin. and the reason that it's interesting is Katrin has moved from Germany to Israel, and she's completely starting her business all over again. 

So she says that,  “Success isn't a coincidence. Here you understand the how behind the what and the why. It all starts with this class and it's worth every penny, no matter the price tag because the knowledge you will gain from it is priceless. And will serve you well for the rest of your life, my return on investment happened instantly as a direct consequence of this class for me, it was the smartest decision that I made for my business since I started.” 

Katrin, I am so proud of you. I have to tell you that while Katrin was going through the course, she just met It was such gusto. She would post on the Facebook group all the time, she had downloaded all the homework, she had got special notebooks she categorized, and she put it in a binder according to the modules. She had her stickies. I mean it was, it was a work of art. So, Katrin, thank you so much for sharing your testimonial. And if you want to see more testimonials I have them on the glossible website. 

So are you ready to sign up and get unstuck? Let me show you what you're gonna get when you enroll today. You're going to get the course finding your ideal client, you're going to get access to my private Glossible Network community we're only paid members are allowed to come into, you're going to get group coaching with me, Mama kitten herself. I'm going to teach you how to create your marketing plan, do a best fit phone call, and I'm going to give you a 30% coupon code to buy some stuff for your kit. That's a total value of like $4500, but you're like well I'm a kid and I can't afford $4500! Well baby kitten, what do I do that team? Now, we've got one payment of $399 that you can automatically Sign up today. And the beauty of this, you don't have to wait for anything. Once you sign up, you can start watching the modules right away. 

So to enroll go to glossiblenetwork.com and we will get you on track to make 2020 your best year ever. Now, I want to show you how the whole process works so coming with me while we go inside of the course. So first of all you're going to go glossiblenetwork.com and sign up for your course! 

Now this is really important that I want you to hear this. I don't want you to skip around on much different lessons, these are done sequentially and they're designed to work in order, so don't skip around. The other thing is to, there are homework assignments inside each of the lessons, not every single one of them have them but a majority of them do. So when you're looking for the homework, they are inside each of the lessons. 

So I guess my biggest question is, what's stopping you? I see artists, all the time complaining that they need to make marketing, something that's front and center in their business, but they don't do it. They won't take a class, they won't invest in their business, they'll put products in their kit, but then they don't have any clients to put it on and then they wonder why it all starts with marketing. And so I asked you why are you not taking this course? 

So a lot of people tell me,  “Well Sonia I can learn this in the Facebook group” or “I can learn this on YouTube.” And maybe that's true, But that's working harder and not smarter. This is a better way, all the information is here It saves you so much time and so much money. I mean how much information do you get from a Facebook post? You got notebooks, with 45 different things and the information in there? This class is laid out for you by someone who's done it. 

“So, Sonia, I don't have time to watch the class.” Just because you purchase the class now doesn't mean that you have to watch it right now, the modules are there waiting for you just ready to be taken whenever you want to. The other great thing is you can watch them in the beauty of your home. You don't have to travel anywhere to go take the course. 

The other thing is, is you have support, as you're taking the course. So I'm there with you, kind of coaching you, and guiding you. It's not like when you go to a one time in person class and then you're just kind of left on your own, and no one to ask questions of. Right? 

The other thing is, if your services are say $150, how many services do you need to do to afford the class? Three. I think that's worth it. You could do three services on a Sunday and pay for the class, boom, done. 

Also too, I know a lot of you are new parents and I wanted to make sure that I was very cognizant of that and I made the lessons short and powerful. So you can learn while your child naps. And that means most of the modules are anywhere between four to 10 minutes with the longest module being 30, and that might be something that you want to say when you have a little bit more time.  I wanted to make sure that you had forward movement when you took this course and it wasn't just some information that you got, we give you the whole step-by-step framework. 

So if you are ready to join us on our journey and come along with us. Come to glossiblenetwork.com I can't wait to be your business coach inside a glossischool. So I hope to see you there. And we'll speak soon. Bye everybody. 

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