Thinking about taking images of your work for your portfolio or social media? It's smart to have photo releases of your clients.

When you're taking images of your clients for your website or social media, this handy photo release sets expectations and makes sure your clients know what you do with their images.

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Model Release Form Template


Model Release Form Template


If you’re working with a professional photographer, the photographer usually has this agreement as he/she will be the owner of the images. This Model Release Form For Makeup & Hairstylists agreement works best if you’re the actual photographer/videographer and artist. 

When doing a styled shoot, it’s best everyone signs off on the form so that expectations are being addressed and there are no surprises later on

Other Considerations

The following pdf document can be copied and pasted in your own branding or letterhead or you can copy and paste the info into a digital form to have clients sign on the fly. Do whatever works for you and your business.

How to Use This Template:

In this day and age, it’s important that we photograph images of our work to build our businesses. Social media, website, email marketing, you name it, we are living in a digital, image filled world. 

When it comes to working with people and the general public, having their images on your social media feed, website or other advertising medium, it’s best to be mindful of not only their privacy but protect your business as well. This form sets up expectations of how you will use their image in your business.

Why You Need This Template:

Why You Need a Photo Release Form Template

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Please use this Form during your makeup trials, weddings, or anytime you’re going to put up images of people on your website or social media in order to protect yourself and your business.

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