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Are you struggling with booking more brides and making enough money in your bridal beauty business? During these crazy times, it’s totally understandable and normal if you are. But this too shall pass! And once it does, you want to be ready to start booking like a boss.

Over the years, as I’ve coached thousands of makeup artists just like you, here’s what I’ve noticed:

So many makeup artists throw up a website and start their business without giving any type of thought to the actual business part of their career.  There is still this mentality of, “Oh, let’s do makeup! Let’s buy products! Let’s watch YouTube tutorials,” and then go into massive debt to buy a makeup kit with zero clients to put it on.


If you’re wanting to make it as a professional makeup artist, you’ve got to love business as much as beauty, and give as much attention to marketing as makeup. You can’t have one without the other. Literally.

Success in makeup is 80% biz and 20% makeup.  So how in the hell do you figure it out? I’m going to tell you—Glossischool!

I’ll get into Glossischool more in a minute…and trust me, kittens, you’ll want to learn all about it! First, some background on why I created Glossible and Glossischool to begin with.


I privately polled 150 full-time bridal makeup artists and found that 75% of bridal makeup artists make less than $25K per year doing weddings!


How can you make this your full-time career with those numbers? That’s basically $12 an hour! And after taxes,  you’re likely making much less! Mamma mia! Let’s get you out of this mess!

You want to design the life you want, be with your family, and call your own shots, right? While money may not be the biggest motivation for your business, you need money to survive.

And here is one thing we don’t talk about very often. And when we do, we have this HUGE guilt (especially as women) that we shouldn’t be talking about it..but I call BULLSHIT! MONEY buys you FREEDOM! Freedom to design the life you want and do things for others. When you’re financially independent, you’re free to do the things you love. Your job is no longer your PIMP!

Money in a clutch with a calculator


My bridal beauty business generated well over six figures a year just in services for most of my career. My hope and dream for you is to help you achieve the same level of success. 

As a woman business owner, there is nothing more rewarding than making your own money, supporting your family, and finding that level of independence that helps us thrive as humans. There is no better feeling in the world than to know you created something that you can earn a great living doing something that you love.

I want you to shift your mindset and know that it’s ok to want to make GREAT money doing makeup. I know it can be done because I’ve done it, and I know you can, too! Which brings me back to…GLOSSISCHOOL!


In 2010, I sat around my dining room table and dreamed of Glossible and Glossischool with some other makeup artist pals I knew. At the time, online training was really in its infancy and technology wasn’t nearly as good as it is today.

I wanted to create Glossible and Glossischool to be the resources you need to get your beauty business off the ground. I know you’re lost. You don’t know who to listen to. It’s really noisy out there, and there are so many educators trying to sell you education for the sole purpose of selling you education. My goal is to sell you a solution. Our motto in Glossible is  “live in a solution,” and I’ve made that my mantra for as long as I can remember. I wanted to create a solution for you!

Here’s the balls-on-the-table, no-bullshit reality of it all: You don’t need to get a fancy degree in marketing or business to be successful in the makeup biz. I don’t have a degree in biz, but I have the experience of hard knocks, of getting my ass handed to me, and learning along the way. You don’t need to be intimidated by marketing and business. YOU’VE GOT THIS! And I can help.

I’ve dreamed this for you because I love to see you succeed in being strong, powerful, and independent without taking some bullshit orders from a boss in a corporate job you hate. Ew! Be your own boss…like a boss!


There are so many makeup classes out there that I know they can be overwhelming. So, who do you listen to? Sure, the Facebook groups can be a great resource for specific questions, but knowing something conceptually is very different than actually having the experience doing it.

Let’s not even mention that it’s usually the blind leading the blind. I call this phenomenon the “Whirlpool” effect–just wash, rinse, and repeat. It’s no wonder people are struggling. They only know part of the story!

But now…are you ready for Glossischool??

Marketing Plan in notebook


So, we’re clear on the fact that you absolutely need to know how to market and run your beauty business in order to be successful, right? Right. How do you do that? With my knowledge!

Glossischool packs 20+ years of my hands-on, real-world business experience into easy-to-navigate online courses, support, templates, downloads, coaching, action plans, and advice that I learned first-hand to help grow your biz into a kick-ass powerhouse! I know how to do it, and I want you to do it, too! With Glossischool, you can!

Right now, we’re offering the course, Finding Your Ideal Client, which provides all the info you’ll ever need to figure out how to market to the clients YOU want to have while leaving the rest to the Instagram crowd. This course gives you all the tools, resources, videos, downloads, worksheets–everything you need. By the time you’re done, you’ll know EXACTLY who your ideal client is and you’ll be ready to kick ass and take names!

Kittens, I am SOOOO excited about Glossischool because I KNOW how much it’ll help grow your biz. I don’t take our relationship lightly. I want you to be successful. Because when you shine, we shine. I’m in this with you!

And stay tuned for more Glossischool classes, coming soon!


I’ll see you in Glossischool!

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