Ready To Start A Bridal Makeup Team?

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Start a Bridal Makeup Team

Start A Bridal Makeup Team
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Start A Bridal Makeup Team and make more money in your biz. That's the goal, right?

Maybe you've been doing makeup a while and all you see is the money you're flying out your door. So, now, you're asking yourself “Am I ready to start a bridal makeup team?” You don't want to keep seeing those dollar bills flying out your door, right?

I was so lucky to have a dream team that worked for my bridal biz for 11 years. I truly had the best team in Chicago and I have a ton of experience on what worked, and what didn't.

So, it's no secret the #1 question I get from you is this:

My team doing previews in our studio

I’m ready to start a bridal makeup team, where do I start? 

I guess my first question, before I start spouting off advice is this:

Do you think you’re ready for a team? 

Having a team isn’t as glam or as #bossbabe as you may think and it’s absolutely not for everyone. Here are my top tips to help you get started.

Button Up Your Biz Processes


First, how are your day-to-day processes? Are you a well oiled machine? In other words, if you were to replicate your business in another market, would it work? Or would you have double the headache?

If your business isn’t a well oiled machine, you’re not ready for a team.

When you’re building a team, you’re becoming responsible for their livelihood. They’re counting on you to book them jobs and consistently. I don’t know of any artist that will be loyal to a brand that doesn’t book them often. If you are having a hard time managing your biz, adding more team members might break you.

Some common questions I ask artists I coach: Do you have a method for generating leads? Does a lead turn into a booking? How well oiled are your payment methods, contracts, follow ups, and referral game? How well-educated are you on employee vs independent contractor? If you don’t know, then you’re not ready.

If you don’t have a process for yourself, you’re going to have major loyalty issues as well. 

Solution: Get your processes buttoned up so well that you can duplicate your business over and over again. Think like a franchise with a well thought out business plan and a well thought out day-to-day business operations handbook.

Know Your Numbers

Second, to start a bridal makeup team, it’s crucial for you to know your numbers. Confused on how to set your rates and know your numbers?

Sign up for our upcoming class, Setting Your Bridal Makeup Rates, launching soon:

You'll need to know how much money you’re bringing in each month, how much it is costing you to acquire and service your clients, and don't forget your time is money, too. Remember, not knowing your numbers will kill a deal on Shark Tank and it will kill your business, too.

Do you need to hire an admin or will you be doing all the bookings yourself? Will you be doing the admin work plus doing your own beauty services? (Note, watch out for this, it’s a real bitch for most creatives to manage, myself included. Which is why I have a Bridgit!). Good admins don’t come cheap, but a great admin is worth their weight in gold. Either way, you need to factor these costs into your rates to afford an admin and additional overhead. 

Solution: Know your numbers and set up processes to examine your data monthly.


Your rates must also be worth it for your service providers & independent contractors. If you’re only taking a 50% cut and charging clients $50 a face, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who’ll work for $25. If you do, consider they might not be the best representation of your business, either. 


It's no secret one of the most challenging things to start a bridal makeup team is finding good people.

When you're looking to hire good people, take to social media like our Facebook Group: Glossible. Remember, everything in business is about building relationships.

I've always had decent luck posting on social media. Sometimes people who know your business and are a fan of your work, will stalk your social media pages. Fans have already made a connection with you online, so many will jump at the chance to work for you. So, to start, add a job post to your social media. You may be pleasantly surprised.

In closing, remember to set your goals, map out a strategy, and hire a few people at a time. Before you know it, you'll have a team of 25 plus like I did.

Are you thinking of starting a team? Leave me a comment below and tell me your biggest struggle.

I may write about it in an upcoming blog post or podcast episode! 🙂

Here's to crushing it in your biz,

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  1. Jen says:

    When training a team, how canyon protect your methods. How can you keep employees from taking your training and trade secrets and going out on their own.

  2. Hi Jen,

    Unfortunately, you can’t. This happened to me a few times over the years. But guess what? None of them made it in their biz. Most were out of biz in less than 2 years.

    Some people should stay technicans and others should be owners. Not everyone is cut for it.

    So honestly, while it will sting when it happens (the betrayal is the worst!) dust yourself off and keep it moving. As long as you know it will happen (Not if but when) and you know that is just part of the game, you can move forward without apology.

    However, if you have any intellectual property that is a conversation you should have with your attorney. We have a blog post coming up too about this. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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