Are you making money - or are you spending money to do your job? Are you sure about that…? What are your real expenses when it comes to operating your beauty business? Like a good episode of Shark Tank, you gotta know your numbers! This worksheet is a useful tool to determine what it costs you to operate.

While experience and skills often factor into your rates, your first goal is to see how much you require to break even and to make a profit.

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Setting Your Bridal Rates Worksheet


Setting Your Bridal Rates Worksheet


After you’ve done this worksheet, play with your numbers and minimums to see how you can increase revenue.

Here’s a tip: a mere $10 increase in services is not enough for a client to push back.

What’s In It for You?

1. Be sure you read the worksheet instructions entirely. 

2. Check for errors as files sometimes get mangled after unzipping.

3. Add your details to the worksheet where needed.

4. Update language wherever necessary.

How to Use This Template:

Being a makeup artist can quickly turn into a very expensive hobby - unless you have an excellent tracking system in place, you’re at risk of losing money with each service if your rates aren’t high enough!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? If you’re busy and you need a good way to track your expenses, now is the time to download this Worksheet and stop losing money on your services! 

Why You Need This Worksheet:

Why You Need to Know What to Charge Your Clients

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Without knowing your numbers, your business is at risk of losing money. This Worksheet will prevent your career as a pro makeup artist from turning into a very expensive hobby! Use this Worksheet to track your expenses and get your rates right.

Don't be at risk!

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