Should You Fire Your Client?

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As we start to see many pros go back to work, especially in the wedding industry, there’s one thing I’ve been seeing that’s really frightening and disturbing. What is that, you ask?

Clients who refuse to wear masks while in the room. WTAF?

I’ve been hearing story after story about how bridesmaids and brides are not wearing masks while in an enclosed room with other wedding vendors around.  They're treating this as business as usual! Not only is that disrespectful to everyone involved, it’s also dangerous. 

No one knows for sure how Covid will affect individuals in both the long- and short-term. Maybe they’ll be a little sick, maybe they’ll be a lot sick, maybe they’ll even die!  So why are we not taking this seriously?

Some reasons I’ve heard: “I don’t want to ruffle feathers”. Oh hell, RUFFLE THE DAMN FEATHERS! This isn’t a minor inconvenience we’re talking about. This is your life, the life of your clients, and their families too! 

So what do you do when or if this happens to you? Do you fire your client? Well, it depends on what your contract says. Short answer though: yes, you can fire them. And you can still collect your money.

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In our Glossible wedding makeup contract, we have an infectious disease clause that allows you to refuse services. While it should be expanded for this type of behavior, this can easily be added to your contract for new clients.

We also have an abuse clause that allows you to walk out on the wedding party if you don’t feel safe. So why not use these terms and conditions if you feel unsafe? You can even have your attorney update these clauses to make the language more specific for a Covid world for new contracts moving forward. I mean, why not!? You can set your terms, and you probably should, because plenty of people are shit birds these days and think a lot of this is a hoax, or just not a big deal. But I digress.

You Don't WANT to Fire Your Client

Listen, I’m not telling you to walk out on your clients if they show a lack of judgment, but I am saying these are the conversations you must have with your clients before you show up on the job. And this isn’t something that is done in an email. This is something that is done over the phone, with an actual conversation, and then followed up with an email of what was discussed so you can cover your ass.

Masks hanging on clothes hangers

It’s your job as a professional makeup artist to let them know how seriously you take your work, as well as how serious you are about keeping THEM safe (as well as yourself). That is why it's best that this conversation takes place over the phone, and not via email or text.

Your health and safety, and the health and safety of your clients and your families, should always be of the highest importance.

Keep yourself safe while going back to work.

Have a great week, glossifriends!

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