Support Small Beauty Spotlight: Paw Palette

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Support Small Beauty: Paw Palette

The country is slowly starting to open up again. We may not necessarily have lots to dress up for (parties, dinners, work…) but we still want to look and feel fabulous! And one thing we can all do to keep looking fabulous and feeling confident is…(insert drum roll here) get our products from small beauty businesses! Yeah, the economy is historically shitty and unemployment is at record levels, but if you are in a position to help out these amazing businesses, LET’S DO IT!

Small businesses need our help now more than ever. That’s why we’re spotlighting a few companies for #supportsmallbeauty so everyone knows how frickin’ amazing these companies and brands are. If you missed our other small biz spotlights, check them out here, here, here, and here!

Why You Should Support Paw Palette

Paw Palette on a hand

This Support Small Beauty spotlight is on Paw Palette! Let’s clear it up right now–Paw Palette is not makeup for dogs. Or cats. Paw Palette is a pretty damn clever way to apply makeup hands-free (with sanitary practices more important than ever, could the timing for this be any better??). It’s essentially a palette that you wear around your wrist or on your finger, and it allows you to apply and mix makeup with both hands while staying sanitary.

The Paw Palette was born when Crystal Hamilton, an esthetics student and aspiring makeup artist in Cincinnati, was instructed to never place product directly onto the back of her hand as she was working. Sanitary reasons. (Though it seems like such a convenient, logical way to work, right?) She didn’t listen.

So, Crystal went to Los Angeles to learn how to do makeup for movies, tried putting makeup on the back of her hand (It’s just makeup, right? Not skin care). Strike two. At this point, she did what all great entrepreneurs and innovators do–she decided to just make it her-damn-self!

A couple years later, she finished her design. But Crystal was more excited about using the product for herself–she didn’t know if there’d be much consumer interest in it. What the hell, she figured. She gave some of her Paw Palettes to Cinema Secrets to sell at their IMATS (International Makeup Artists, Exhibitors, and Enthusiasts Trade Show) booth for shits and giggles…they sold out the first day.

Since that day in 2011, Crystal, her husband, and local workers have made Paw Palette by hand in California. Each Paw Palette is crafted out of Lucite, a high-grade, non-porous acrylic that is non-staining and easy to clean. Isn’t that what all of us want in a makeup palette, kittens?

What makes the Paw Palette so much fun though is the cute-as-hell designs and the fact that you can wear it!

Different designs of the Paw Palette

Paw Palette Products

Paw Palettes come in a few variations:

  • The Original: The OG Paw Palette is designed to be worn on your wrist, held on by a comfortable strap. This allows you to have both hands free as you mix and apply!
  • The Baby: Baby Paw Palettes are adorable mini versions of the original (but with an adjustable metal band instead of a strap), and you wear it on your finger like a ring! Obviously not designed for a full application, the Baby Paw Palette is perfect for quick, on-the-go touch-ups.
  • The Magnet: Magnetic Paw Palettes are made with lightweight but super-strong magnets that allow you to remove and change up the design with other magnetic Paw Palettes. If you do hair, the magnets are also a pretty convenient way to hold bobby pins!
  • Raw: If you’d rather go the hand-held route, Paw Palette makes a more traditional palette to wear on your thumb, available in a few different fun designs.
  • 3D: The newest addition to the Paw Palette line, the 3D version allows you to easily mix makeup right on the back of your hand…and it’s available in two gorgeous colors.
A heart shaped model

So, not only do you have a choice of different Paw Palette configurations, you also get to spice it up with some sass and sparkle! Each Paw Palette is available in Luv (a heart shape), Smooches (the perfect pout), and Coffin (for your inner goth girl).

Even better though–no matter which kick-ass design you choose, you pick the color and decide on the sparkle factor with a bunch of different glitter options. It’s a fun way to add some flair to the job and show your sparkling personality. (Get it?)

Support Small!

Paw Palette is another example of small business power and the innovation it takes to be successful as a small biz. Crystal recognized a need for her business, saw that there wasn’t a readily available solution, and decided “Eff it! I’ll do it myself!” It’s exactly that kick-ass-and-take-names attitude that moves small businesses forward.

Along with the Paw Palettes website, Crystal operates her own Etsy shop that offers even more Paw Palettes to the masses. Paw Palettes are super affordable (most are in the $20 to $30 range), make amazing gifts for both pros and everyday makeup wearers, and are a fun way to liven up any makeup session.

Paw Palette is offering a special discount to our readers!

Please use code glossi20 to get 20% off when you make a purchase through the Paw Palette website!

Plus, the Winners of Paw Palette's Giveaway!

Crystal has generously offered to send Paw Palettes to some very lucky winners chosen at random!

Here are the names of the winners who will soon receive a Paw Palette of their own—for when business picks up again:

Candice Elizabeth
Cynthia Parks
Natalie Foran
Ray Whitley
Taryn Mychal Mai
Hillary Fay
Sarah Carleton
LaShanda Gill-Brooks

Congratulations and enjoy your Paw Palettes!

Guys and gals, small businesses always need support—but now more than ever. And a unique small biz like Paw Palette deserves the support. So when you need to find a fun gift or just want to try it yourself, grab a Paw Palette and make everyone happy! And make sure you hit them up on Facebook and Instagram and Support Small Beauty!

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