Support Small Beauty Spotlight: Viseart Paris

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Can you believe it’s almost summer?? The weather is warming up, and though many of us are still hunkered down at home waiting for this bastard of a virus to finally move along, there are definitely things to look forward to.

Depending on where you are, some businesses are starting to open up (whether you agree that they SHOULD open up is probably a topic for an entirely different blog!).

And since some of us are slowly emerging from our corona cocoon/hibernation/not giving a shit what we look like, we definitely want to clean up and look amazing and feel confident when we do step out of our quarantines.

How do we do that? Everyone with me…we get our products from small beauty businesses! Yes, I know the economy is still shit, and we’re all getting our asses kicked at least a little bit. But if you are in a position to help out these amazing businesses, they need your support!

Small businesses need our help now more than ever.

That’s why we’re spotlighting a few companies for #supportsmallbeauty so everyone knows how kick-ass these companies and brands are. If you missed our other small biz spotlights, check them out here, here, and here!

The next of our Support Small Beauty spotlights is Viseart Paris! This isn’t one of those companies that throws “Paris” in the name to sound glamorous.

Viseart Edit Eyeshadow Palette

Viseart literally designs and makes their amazing products right in The City of Lights. Well, they actually manufacture them right outside of Paris…but close enough. So, any product you buy from Viseart is authentic Parisian, kittens!

But Viseart had always been a niche professional makeup biz, used by artists on French television and film sets. So, it took an aspiring businesswoman and former model to get Viseart into the makeup community on a broader scale—so everyone could enjoy their incredible products.

In 2012, Anastasia Sparrow, an entrepreneur and former model from San Francisco discovered Viseart and fell in love with their formula, which offered amazing shade range, long-lasting wear, incredible pigmentation, and creamy textures–all without irritating her skin or causing any allergic reactions. Her love for the brand (understandable, girl!) led her to introduce it to the world as Viseart Paris!

Open Viseart Eyeshadow Palette

Viseart Paris products are the perfect blend of natural, organic ingredients and modern technology. Viseart has managed to maintain their small biz roots and mission—to enhance the skin naturally, not with chemicals—even as their brand started selling globally and became world famous.

And I’m gonna talk about some of their products right now!

Edit Eyeshadow Palettes

First, their Edit palettes. We’re highlighting five eyeshadow palettes from this line, each created as a 12-color portable version of their full-pan palettes. All of the Edit palettes include quick and easy shadows packed in a convertible design with a mirror and removable magnetic pans. And you can easily mix and match all types of shades to find the perfect color combination.

Viseart Edit Eyeshadow Palette
  • Spritz Edit – This gorgeous palette includes 12 shadows inspired by the Spritz cocktail, with a variety of glowing colors in matte, shimmer, and metallic finishes.
  • Paris Edit – The Paris Edit palette offers a dozen neutral shades in an assortment of metallic, satin, matte, and shimmer finishes. If you’re at all familiar with Viseart’s full-size palettes, the Paris Edit shades are inspired by their Paris Nudes and Grande Pro palettes, whose shades are found on the red carpet, fashion weeks, and movie sets.
  • Warm Edit – Just as the name suggests, this palette gives me the warm-and-fuzzies with its 12 shades inspired by summer, the beach, and Viseart’s full-size Warm Mattes palette. Browns, apricots, and siennas—oh my!
  • Dark Edit – Purples, browns, and greens–I love this collection! All 12 shades draw inspiration from luxurious velvets and Viseart’s full-size Dark Mattes, Grande Pro 2, Absinthe, and Siren palettes.
  • Rosé́ Edit – A dozen romantic shades inspired by their full-size Tryst, Grande Pro 1, and Siren palettes.

As a pro makeup artist, I’m pretty familiar with Viseart’s full-size palettes—they’re works of art. To be able to get portable versions of their incredible products at really affordable prices is pretty awesome.

Luscious Lip Oils

Viseart Luscious Lip Oils

Now it’s time to pucker up! Pamper those lips with Viseart Paris’ Moisture Boost Oil Lip Shine! This gluten-free, silicone-free, petroleum-free, vegan hydrating oil-gloss is available in four shades, each of which rejuvenate, repair, and renew with powerful antioxidants. Jojoba and sunflower seed oil provide the nutrients to plump up your pout. And just like the Edit eyeshadow palettes, these lip oils can be mixed and matched to perfection!

Single tube of Viseart luscious lip oil

Based on the look and quality of Viseart Paris’ products, you’d never guess they’re a French boutique with small biz roots. But here we are, spotlighting their brand and some of their “magnifique” products! And by purchasing Viseart Paris products, you’re supporting small biz, you’re getting some kick-ass products, and you’re going to look and feel confident and totally gorgeous. So, go check out Viseart Paris on Facebook and Instagram and Support Small Beauty!

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