Top 5 YouTube Makeup Artists (As Voted By Pros)

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Hello, kitten-britches! Today, I want to share with you five top YouTube makeup artists. Not influencers. Makeup artists. 

Not someone who’s all over Instagram or Facebook or YouTube applying their own makeup. I’m talking pros who have dedicated their lives to making people look and feel beautiful for a living. 

I don’t have to tell you how much hard work makeup artists put into their craft. So, I want to introduce you to the best of the best as voted by industry pros. Without further ado…the top 5 favorite makeup artists on YouTube:

Lisa Eldridge 

This British beauty is LEGIT! She works with a who’s-who of A-list celebs, models, brands, and publications, and she is a pure artist. You need to check out the “Gallery” section of her website…it’s an absolute work of art. 

One thing I love about her is that she only features products she believes in or wants to try. Plus, she just flat-out knows her craft. Lisa has also written a book and knows the history of beauty inside and out, which I think is so important. Love her.

Angie Di Battista

This Canadian gal is serious about the industry, and her YouTube channel is an amazing resource for artists who are just as serious about getting into the biz. She posts some really educational, motivational, and inspirational content for aspiring pros. 

One other thing I love about Angie is that, even though she has almost 50,000 subscribers, she takes the time to answer community questions and listen to her fans’ suggestions. I can’t overstate how much that means to artists looking seeking advice. Plus, Angie’s work is just incredible, and she keeps it real.

Scott Barnes

There’s not enough room here to talk about Scott. He’s just a badass. Just look at his credentials. His client list is like the Hollywood Frickin’ Walk of Fame. He’s done makeup for major films (seen Hustlers yet?), written two books, created looks for tons of music videos and even more magazine covers; hell, he basically created J-Lo’s “glow” look! 

And all of this would mean nothing if the guy wasn’t really damn good at what he does–and he is. Scott truly believes that outer beauty comes from inner beauty–humility, generosity, and character are what make women truly beautiful. And Scott knows how to bring it all out.

Jordan Liberty 

I love what Jordan Liberty stands for. First off, he’s a professional makeup artist AND photographer, so we know he’s got a killer eye for beauty. But he also doesn’t get caught up in social media trends and all that jazz. 

Jordan is all about individuality and creating some really impressive looks from a professional artist’s perspective. When there’s so much out there that’s just surface, it’s really refreshing that he’s all about substance. That’s why he says he’s proud to be the “black sheep” of the industry!

Kevin James Bennett

KJ is the real deal. He’s a pro’s pro makeup artist who always wants to learn. And that’s what makes him so great at what he does. He’s like a sponge! 

KJ is all about keeping up with industry news and trends and putting all that knowledge to use for his clients. He’s been on TV, he’s written for magazines, he speaks at the biggest beauty trade shows in the world. The man’s always got beauty on the brain, and that’s what makes him so brilliant.

There are so many amazing pro makeup artists out there, so it wasn’t easy to narrow it down to the five favorites on YouTube. But the five above were voted in by other pro artists, and they're next-level talents who stand out in the beauty biz.

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