Undercutting As A Makeup Artist

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Frustrated and curious on how to deal with undercutting as a makeup artist?

In the Facebook Groups, nearly every day, it’s a word that makes every artist’s stomach churn. Undercutting. Every damn time I see it, I close my computer and walk way. Sound familiar? Let's get to work.

What is Undercutting?

Here’s the scene: Some newbie (or desperate) artists think undercutting as a makeup artist is a good strategy to unseat or upend their competition, for example.

In their minds, to be the most chosen artist in their area, they compete on price alone.

I’m not gonna lie, they might get a few bookings with this strategy, but… 

Why would you want to compete to make the least amount of money for your services? 

Undercutting will never help you create a viable services-based business.

How to deal with undercutting as a makeup artist?

I'm gonna lay the pool balls on the table…

Why should you care what they do? Let them. Eventually they will be out of biz and you've just let Mother Nature eliminate someone who doesn't need to be in the biz.

Here's How To Ignore the Under-cutters

Your strategy now is to find your ideal client and speak to them. The low ball fuck-faces aren't your problem like you think it is.

Here's why under-cutters are dumb poo poo heads…

Sometimes they'll get more work, sure, but it will always be for less money. And they’ll attract bad clients who only like their price, but not their work.

Who wants to work harder for less money? 

Let the undercutting makeup artists have all the cheap ass, pains in the ass clients that none of us want to serve. I want clients who respect my work, my time and my business. How about you?

In addition to not having a sustainable biz, they'll run the risk of being seen as cheap or give off the impression that there's something “wrong” with their business.

A damaged reputation and positioning of their biz as cheap ass can be one of the most irreparable things on the planet! Let them get themselves in that trick bag. You're smarter than that.  

When it comes to undercutting, undercutters won’t have growth potential or real profits. If they choose to set their rates below those of the artists around you, they bring down the integrity of the ENTIRE industry unless you set yourself up as the expert and the authority in your area. And that, my friend, is the secret sauce that will set you apart.

Do you think I cared what people charged when I charged $1k just for a bride's makeup most of my career? Nope. Cause I knew I was worth it.

So, are you worth it? Or are you a commodity like everyone else?

So here is my question, why all the hassle on price to try and get MORE customers?

In conclusion, stop killing yourself, and elevate your marketing messages and your portfolio if you need to. Stand apart and claim your spot!

People don’t buy according to price. Repeat: People don’t buy according to price! They buy because of an aspirational need, desire or want. Bet you didn't know there was so much psychology in pricing, huh?


Listen, you might think I sound like a broken record, but the low rates game is always a race to the bottom. You’re not Walmart. Remember, you’re selling time! Realistically, time is the most precious thing you have to sell. So, let the cheap asses weed themselves out because it won't take long before they have to go back to the corporate 9-5.

People often want my advice (or the group’s advice) on how to deal with undercutting artists…but most importantly:

Educate your clients and find your ideal client.

So, it really comes down do this: Tell your clients, in your marketing messages, via your website, social media posts and in any email communication why you’re worth it and why you’re different than the cheap asses down the street.  Bargain Hunting Betty is not your client. At least I hope she isn’t if you’re trying to build a thriving biz.

Lastly, if you’re thinking of using undercutting in place of an actual price strategy, it sounds like you don’t know who your client is or how to price your services. 


Finally, need a little help? Get ready for our next online course…

Here's to your success!



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