What Happened to the Beauty Industry?

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Are the glory days of the beauty industry over?

Gather round, britches! It's story time! It's a long one, so grab your coffee…

I dunno about you, but when I got into the biz of doing makeup, I was on the commercial and fashion side. It was great and all that jazz, but I quickly found that my real passion was helping everyday people look and feel their best. And, you know, I ended up the top makeup artist in Chicago for over 20 years doing weddings.

I am sure a lot of you feel the same…I like doing makeup on people who aren't models. I wanted to take everyday women and turn them into supermodels. And when I did, the confidence and reactions people had when they saw themselves after I was done was addictive. The smiles on their faces got me high. I imagine that is how you feel, too. That's why we do makeup, right?

But somewhere along the way, around 2013, all that changed when “Instagram makeup” became a thing. All of a sudden, people didn't want real makeup artists, they wanted technicians. Someone said it best the other day, they want a “Copy & Paste” artist. And that is when the beauty industry started sucking my soul DRY.

I will be completely honest about this: all of a sudden, makeup wasn't fun for me anymore. We were being forced to paint in almost a “paint-by-numbers” style, instead of creating a unique look with the canvas we were given. And it killed my spirit when those clients (usually the bridesmaids) would find their way into my chair.

Frustrated, I quickly changed my marketing to speak to my ideal clients who didn't want that look type of look. And you know what? There were WAY more of them than the “IG GLAM” crowd!

I dare say 80% of people don't want to look like that, but the 20% of people who do want to achieve that look just seem to be the LOUDEST!

What does that mean? That means 80% of people aren't being served. And that means there is an opportunity to get your joy back by working on people that value what you have to say, because they're frustrated at the beauty industry too.

This last year has been a real dick punch. Like a kick-in-the-fucking-balls dick punch. And because there is NO leadership helping us navigate this fucking clusterfuck of a pandemic crisis we're in, we must work with what we got, and pivot to save our biz! It's every person for themselves.

But you know what? I want to lead the charge in the beauty industry! Maybe I'm dreaming, but why the fuck not? What the fuck else do we have to lose? I say we do it, and make this the biggest thing since On-Location Bridal Makeup!

Makeup classes and personal shopping were a HUGE part of my biz for over 10 years! Even BIGGER THAN MY WEDDING BIZ — with a team of 25+ artists (True story!). I also did a fair amount of these classes virtually. And I started booking these virtual makeup classes and personal shopping services when all I had was a busted-ass light and Skype! 😂

Today, technology is amazing! So why not offer these services and get your joy back by helping clients look and feel beautiful!? That's why we got into beauty to begin with, right? To help clients feel beautiful? Not to become a technician!

What's not to love about empowering our clients to become confident in their beauty routines? This doesn't mean they won't hire you for a special event, and we're not teaching away our jobs. As a matter of fact, you'll get a more loyal clientele doing these types of services. How do I know? I've done it. I've got the street cred to teach this to you, and to help you be as successful as I was!

So let's get back to work safely and create new services inside our biz, now and moving forward.

THIS IS THE WAY OF THE FUTURE! And brands better be paying attention to us. Because we're about to make this a fucking thing. All have to do is collectively get together and do it!! Fuck these influencers and their paid sponsorships, let's show them how its done!

We are just about to close Glossischool. I have 3 options for you, to meet you wherever you are in your journey right now. I am not just saying this — I really want to help you, damnit. 

Here are your choices to help you start SOME TYPE of online biz and start generating income from home, using your skills as a pro makeup artist:

Start Your Online Beauty Biz $399

This full class includes EVERYTHING to start your online beauty biz.

  • How to Do Personal Shopping
  • How to Do Virtual Makeup Lessons
  • All 6 Lesson plans you can customize 11 different ways!
  • Eyeconic
  • DIY BRIDE/Photo Ready
  • Flawless Face/Ageless Beauty
  • 5 Minute Face
  • Facecharts and step-by-step templates to give to clients, which you can add your branding to when class is over.
  • 4 Weeks of Group Coaching on Zoom with me. (Wait til you see how we're getting down!)

Keeping this class small for the group coaching component for handholding from me:

**How to Start Your Online Beauty Biz: Sign up on Desktop. **👇

I also have two other classes for you to get started if the big class is a bit much for you right now. I wanted to give you SOMETHING to help you to get started generating income:

How to Do Virtual Makeup Classes $199

This class includes how to do Virtual Makeup Classes and one lesson plan, Makeup Bag Makeover, which was my most popular class. This is a Self-Study class!


How to Become a Personal Shopper $99

This class is a super easy lesson on how to do Personal Shopping Service for your clients, with all your marketing and pricing details and step by step downloads. Great for those of you that have a direct sales biz and bridal biz. This is a Self Study Class!

I hope this helps you get back to work safely. Plus, you'll get to join the new community where we have all been networking together!

All my love,


Sonia Roselli Have it All
Complete Skin Prep from Sonia Roselli Beauty

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